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[04 Sep 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Its been a couple days, i started school last thursday so i havent really been online. The only time i can go on is like 5-9 which sucks ass. But, w.e im moving soon and there will be no way to tell that i was online. :) FINALLY. The only problem is that i wont have internet for a few weeks also. Anyways, Im going to Saipan (near guam) at the end of october and than im also going to Japan lmao WOO, i wonder what its like. I heard its CRAZYYY but lets just see.. Im going there for a couple days and the whole trip ill be gone for 10 days. So ill be missing a lot of school but it can be excused because its a family emergency. So school started and i already have a rough draft for a report due, which i should start writing today. So im gunna go look at my friends journals and comment since i havnt gotten the chance too.

I love matthew<3.

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Oh la Fricken La [31 Aug 2004|11:41am]
I declare Adam from maroon 5 to be one of the hottest guys/SEXIEST VOICES, ever.

ahh omfgomgomgomgajgklasjkfldsomgomggggggggg. Ok anyways, wow. I cant stop listening to this Maroon 5 cd, his voice is just.......... *drools*. Anyways im in love with Matt so yea, adam is just a celebirty and my future husband lmao, jaykay.


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[30 Aug 2004|08:45pm]
What kind of love are you in?
Gooey Sloppy Smoochsome Love

Ahh, the perfect couple, so in love, so sweet, so nice you make us want to puke! Seriously, we're really pleased you've found someone who's right for you and makes you happy. You agree on most things and when you don't, you always manage to reach a compromise.

Always smooching or holding hands, everyone is dead jealous of how good you are as a couple. Right now there's no one else in the world you'd rather be with, but take care not forget the other important people in your life.

How Girly are You?
Girly Girl

You are sooo totally girly. You love being feminine and to feel pretty and loved by those around you. You have a strong nurturing side and like to help people out when they're in trouble, or look after them if they're ill, and you're never too busy to offer advice or a shoulder to cry on if friends are having boy-shaped probs. On the other hand, you do spend A LOT of time obsessing over your appearance and tend to judge others on what they look like instead of valuing the person inside.

Fix your friendship faults
Mediocre Mate

On the whole you are a good friend who cares a lot about her mates. But sometimes you make the mistake of trying too hard to please everybody and say what people want to hear instead of being honest.

There have been times when you haven't been there when your friends have needed you. Try thinking more about what your friends need from you and less about what you need from them - whether that's a hug, phonecall, or just a friendly word - you might find you enjoy giving just as much as receiving.

Yo, thats it
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[30 Aug 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Well, today.. What a day, I was sleeping and all sudden i hear my mom scream my name. So i get all rushed and crap and run into the kitchen. OK WTF, subbosibly "Ive been watching porn and showing it to my step sisters" when no way in hell is that true. Justin is the biggest faggot right now, i cant even stand it. He told rich that i was doing that when he knows i wasnt. Justins just pissed at me because i took a stand for myself and my little brother this week when he decided to be a jerk towards the both of us. He also did it to my little sister Sarah, like we wanted to play the game but since hes acts like hes the boss of everything he wouldnt let us play. I told him that he plays it ALL THE TIME, and he still decides to say crap. He doesnt do anything, he does absolutely NOTHING around here all he does is sit on his ass all day and play on the computer or play the ps2 or gamecube. IM SICK OF IT, i take care of his little sisters(which i dont mind) and i make him lunch and i do shit for him when i know i shouldnt. I ask him to do the littlest things and he just says "No hes not my brother im not doing it" well ive had enough of it. Im not taking his shit anymore and his stupid lies.
Anyways, we went to wally world today (wal-mart) and got some stuff for packing which we move at the end of the month. My room has a balcony off of it so its really cool. Its pretty small but i can deal, daveys room is HUGE, but he has to share it with the kids thank god i need my privacy. Llala, so i came home went online for a little than watched some tv. School in 3 days, how wonderful. *rolls eyes*

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Whoa. [29 Aug 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Holla baby, I got one of these things. Its probably like the fifth different sort of journal/diary thing ive had. Well, today I woke up around 10:30 and got a phone call bout babysitting all day so i took the job, and ended up doing just that. Around 12 my older brother Gene left for college and i didnt think that i would get so emo but i did and it sucks. He gave me the longest hug ever, seriously. He was all crying and stuff so that made me cry it was a rough day. So like yea all the boys in the neighbor hood came over lmao and i wasnt wearing ANY MAKE UP AT ALL. im all like "OH SHIT OH SHIT" but ive known them all most of my life so its no big fricken deal. I babysat sarah emily davey and brianna all day long. Mostly brianna until 9 god damn. She made me all do dancing and shit lmfao quite annoying. NOW DEBBIE WANTS ME TO BABYSIT EVERYDAY. holy shit no way, ill have no life. School starts soon and i dont want to spend most of my time watching little girls and playing barbies. nAwT mY tHanG yA kNoWW?!1!?!?!1ONE?! *throws up gang sign* Lmao k im gay stfu and leave me alone.
Jk kidding lovelys,

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